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We are a social group dedicated to making the dog powered sports safe and accessible to the modern family home!

An Ancient Tradition’s Modern Application

The practice of using dogs to pull can be traced back to prehistoric times. Remnants of dog sleds and harnesses have been found with dog remains in Siberia which carbon-dated to 7800-8000 years ago. Sled dogs were instrumental during the Klondike Gold Rush, polar exploration and 1925 Serum Run. Often sled dogs were the only dependable mode of getting supplies and mail to rural areas across the Arctic. Even today, there are a few remote Arctic communities which still rely on dog powered travel.

Nowadays most of us don’t depend on our canines to travel. However many breeds were specifically created to perform these sports, and for many of those breeds, dog powered sports provides them an opportunity to satisfy the instincts that have been bred into them over thousands of years. Pulling sports provides exercise and enrichment for both dog(s) and handler. You don’t have to have a sled dog to be successful at dog powered sports, all dog powered sports are open to any dog of any breed or mix who is healthy enough to run and pull. Twin Cities Dog Powered Sports provides events, titles, levels of increasing difficulty, and a champion race.

Twin Cities Dog Powered Sports is committed to making dog powered sports safe and accessible for dogs and humans of all abilities. There are sports for older dogs, and older people too! Tripod dogs can compete, and so can deaf dogs. To get started first read the rules, then find a club near you, or even think about forming your own club. We hope you try it, we think you’ll like it!


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