West Metro Locations

A listing of locations around the Twin Cities that allow Bikejoring & Scooterjoring, Carting and Dog Sledding. Please verify listings as they may change without notice.

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Baker Park Reserve Medina/ Maple Plain (Three Rivers Parks District)

1660 Baker Park Rd, Maple Plain, MN 55359

Address is for Trail head parking.

  • Summer: Bikejoring is allowed on the trail around Lake Katrina, trail is 6.45 miles around the lake. Bikejoring is allowed on the inner paved trail, it is fairly busy midday to afternoon. Access is thru a parking lot off Baker Park Rd. At the Highway 12 Exit there is a Holiday gas station. They do not allow bikejoring on the outer unpaved loop. There is a trail around the group campgrounds that is unpaved, and it is not clear if they allow bikejoring.
  • Dog Sledding, skijoring and fat bikejoring is allowed on the 5.2 mile Winter Multiuse trail, trailhead is marked “Horse Trail Parking” and is located on Homestead Trail.

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