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A listing of locations around the Twin Cities that allow Bikejoring & Scooterjoring, Carting and Dog Sledding. Please verify listings as they may change without notice.

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Rice Creek Chain of Lakes, Lino Lakes

7690 Village Dr. Circle Pines, MN 55014

Address is for YMCA parking lot in Lino Lakes, the trailhead is behind the YMCA building.

  • This trail is a 1.6 mile multi-use trail from start to finish with one run of the loop. It is unpaved and intended for fat bikes but is beginner friendly enough that experienced riders often use mountain bikes. All dog powered sports are permitted.
  • From the trailhead behind the YMCA to the start of the multiuse trail, the trail is paved and dog powered sports are not permitted. There is no other access point to the trail.
  • Trail is not well marked and can be difficult to locate in the dark – there are additional trails that intersect the multiuse trail not shown on this map. We recommend that new users not attempt this trail after dark unless accompanied by more experienced users.

Summer Map, multiuse in orange

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